Cuban Coffee Queen and Learning to Embrace A Perfect Moment

There is something magical about mornings. The weight of the previous day just seems to melt away, for me at least. I truly try to let things go and not bring them into the following day with me. That’s not to say that I’m always able to accomplish that or that in 20 minutes of waking up something else doesn’t set me off controlling me for the rest of the day. I know that’s an issue with me and it’s something I am working on. That aside I think that coffee is wonderful. I really enjoy having a cup, and getting a special coffee while we are out and about has been something we make a point of doing. The first morning in Key West we found this gem, Cuban Coffee Queen. It ended up being excellent coffee, truly it was amazing, and it was a unique and cozy cafe right of the main road, tucked back just far enough if you weren’t paying attention you would walk past. But I have to admit this, I wish I was better at being mindful and enjoying the quiet moments instead of allowing anxiety to rush me forward into the future. I hold out hope that as I am being disrupted from the constant comfort of sticks and bricks that I can learn to enjoy being in the moment instead of allowing anxiety to disrupt what could have been a perfect moment.

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