Gasparilla Pirate Invasion… Crazy? Probably. Fun? With Out A Doubt!

So the whole point of this Bvan is to get us out of our comfort zones, stretch our imaginations, get us out into the world, experience new adventures and make some amazing memories. While we were browsing this morning to find our adventure we saw that Tampa has a pirate invasion. My goodness (At some point I started channeling someone’s grandmother and began saying my goodness, I have no idea where it came from, Hell Yeah! Might be a better exclamation for a Pirate Festival) anyway I think that checks all the boxes! We really have no idea what to expect, other than a day filled with shenanigans and a lot of walking!

Guy, just let me say, it was crazy. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around that many people trying to get black out drunk. Seemed like every 15 minutes or so someone else was going down for the count. It was worth going. Our little really had a great time outside despite the cold. There toward the end we thought we were trapped on the wrong side of the parade and it was getting even colder I started to worry. It all ended up okay in the end, we found a way across and got her… and us! back into warmth of the van. I don’t think we will go back next year but it was worth going out and seeing all the commotion.

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