So… We’re going to Key West

I realized at work this morning, that I had next Monday off. It’s MLK day. And I realized, I don’t know how, I realized that this weekend I’m driving my family to the Keys. Not Just the Keys, but Key West. Might as well take it all the way. I mentioned this to my wife who has her mind up on some whale festival, and she’s not bought in. But I Am! And at that moment that’s what mattered. So I leave work on Thursday, get home, rush everyone to the van which my wife had prepared for the weekend, and we hit the road. She wants to go to Chuy’s in Orlando, sounds like a good plan to me so we go. After dinner and walking around some ridiculous swing-set we turn in for the night, where else but the Chuy’s parking lot in the camper van. No charge? Good with me. Around 4 am I wake up and say, “in 15 minutes we’re leaving.” So we head south on the turnpike. I’m looking at the clock and I realize that the sun is going to rise the same time we are going to hit the coast, so Nikole finds us a place to stop and see it. That’s where we got this photo. Somewhere far North of even Miami. We’ve still got aways to go. -Joe 1.18.2019

First off, it wasn’t a whale festival. It was the 32nd annual manatee festival in Crystal River and it looks like it would be a lot of fun for our family. Plus it was less than an hour away vs over 8 hours away and with a Little, just over a year old, less time in the car sounded like a good idea to me. BUT I have learned in the last 10 years of being with Joe going along with his plan goes beyond awesome 90% of the time. So no, I wasn’t bought in but in the back of my mind I knew it was going to be worth it. He always finds a way to make it worth it. When he said find something for dinner I started thinking Chuy’s cause… well… it’s awesome and its easy to choose a vegetarian option which I prefer. So I get it set on the GPS, just picked the one closest to us and thought nothing more about it. Until the GPS told us to exit the highway and Joe said, “that’s not the one I wanted to go to.” Of course. Oh well. We were still headed to Chuys and it turned out the only concern was parking, which turned out just fine. Since we were down there we took the opportunity to walk over and see the Orlando eye and the giant swing. I’m never getting on that thing. -Nikole

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