Is it cheaper to buy an RV or Rent one with Outdoorsy? With Charts!

So I know, you’ve gone to the RV shows and picked out your favorite RVs right? And you’re dreaming of the day you get to drive it home. Or maybe you used to camp with your family when you were a kid and you want to relive those awesome hot summer days and cool nights hanging out by the fire. Or like us maybe your home town is far away from where you currently live and you want to making traveling back feel more like an adventure than a chore. If any of these scenario sound familiar, or even if you’re considering an RV for a completely different reason I know you noticed those price tags… They can seem kinda steep, especially if you’re looking at a new or gently used coach. Not everyone has the desire or creativity to completely redo an old unit (us) and not everyone uses their coach every weekend (us again) so then you start wondering, is it really worth the price?

Well we have broken it down for you in to some really nifty charts. You may find that RENTING an RV would really fit better into your life. Renting has a whole lot of benefits that you may not have considered, such as not having to store it, not having to keep up with maintenance and insurance, not to mention if you rent your RV will never depreciate or be too outdated to stay at an RV park (Yes some parks don’t want rigs over 10 years old and require pictures!) Below are four charts that show the tipping point of when it makes more sense to buy vs rent.

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