Moving to Florida, how’d we get here anyway?

Waxing surfboards and living by the Ocean? Sure. I know that is one of Joe’s bucket list items of a long list of things he would like to try. But me? I don’t have a life goal really. I always hated the idea of Florida though. It’s hot. There are hurricanes. Lots of bugs, yuck. But I didn’t want to spend my life in Kentucky either. Don’t get me wrong I love Kentucky. It’s beautiful and there are lots of things to do, at least where we’re from in Louisville, but I was always afraid that I would never get to live and experience living somewhere different. Even though my anxiety keeps me from always enjoying new experiences, traveling and the adventure of being somewhere I’ve never been is still one of my favorite things. I wish that we could be nomads, drifting from town to town, staying just as long as we want a not a moment longer. I could never to it alone, I would never leave the house lol. Joe is my life’s call to not only seek the adventure and dream about it but to have the courage to follow through with it and experience it. So when the opportunity for us to move came up I didn’t really care where it was, I was pretty much ready to go. I tried not to second guess what would probably be our biggest opportunity to do something so daring, moving 13 hours south. Some how we managed to sell almost all of us stuff, or throw away the things of no value and load up in just the back of a pick up truck and off we went, sailing down 75 to Ocala Fl to start a new life. Never would we have guessed back then it was setting us on a path of financial independence, and an RV lifestyle trying to learn how to become digital nomads. Freeing ourselves from the socially constructed path toward old age and retirement, and giving us a passion to help others find their own freedom. So come travel with us, journey together as we try to figure this out. We will share what we learn if you promise to do the same.

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