Family In Vans Getting Coffee “Lavazza”

Because when you don’t plan you can search for adventure. -vanlife

We were on the way to the Edison Ford Summer home and we hadn’t had our coffee yet! So while we were driving there we realized that and we had 30 minutes to kill before the gates opened and Joe gets a great idea (he has one every now and again). We need to find a coffee shop that sell the coffee that is highlighted in Jerry Seinfeld’s show “Comedians in cars getting coffee.” What was it called? Neither of us could remember, you should have heard us: Lavzo? Lazo? Lavazo? Finally Lavazza, it turns out is the brand and let me tell you! It was totally worth the 10 minute detour! (Joe claims that he said Lavazza while we were spit balling names.) With a quick Google search we found this cute place called Mon Paris that featured Lavazza and all kinds of delicious looking baked goods. After just a few seconds of looking at the menu we each decide on different coffees. I get the Mocha and Joe gets the Café au lait. My MIL gets a canolli and we get ready to pay and the girl asks if we want any food and we decline. She says, with a beautiful smile, but the almond croissants are excellent, they are our best seller. So Joe and I look at each other and we’re like, yeah okay- it does look awesome. Give us one to split. She smiles again and assures us that we will be back for a second. Her recommendation was a good one. The almond croissant was worth having gotten, and I’d get it again if we found ourselves back at Fort Myers! The coffee, wow, it was amazing too! And an added bonus was that our little occupied herself with digging in the flowerbed for rocks.All in all it was a perfect 30 minutes of the morning spent.

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